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As our client, you can expect an unparalleled experience knowing we are watching out for you. Our goal is to help you identify what keeps you up at night and focus on the areas that deliver the most value – all while reducing your risk. From bookkeeping and accounting to business consulting, tax planning, and tax preparation, we strive to be your trusted advisor and the first person you call when you have big decisions ahead.


At Lifetime Tax, we meet the needs of a diverse range of clients by providing 3 crucial things:


When it comes to helping our clients, we believe consistency is key. Whether it’s knowing how your business is performing, what drives your tax bill, or identifying ways to minimize it, you can expect a consistent process with consistent communication.


At Lifetime, transparency is always a two-way street. We perform our best when we know what is happening when it is happening. That’s why we maintain an understanding of your day-to-day business, concerns, and challenges. In return, we provide transparency, sticking to the timeframes and expectations we set, while keeping you informed along the way.


Our advisors truly aim beyond compliance. We ask the questions you did not know to ask, and we help you find the answers. Whether it’s bookkeeping, the infamous April 15th deadline, tax planning, or business consulting, we identify ways to streamline the process for gathering your information. We utilize technology to make it simple for you to collaborate with us, making your life and ours easier!

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What We Do

Making April 15 Just Another  day

Unlike most tax pros, our advisors go beyond recording your history and ticking the right boxes during filing season. While helping you file your tax returns is a part of what we do, the real difference we make is in the year-round tax planning we provide.

At Lifetime Tax Advisors, we tackle your taxes by looking at the full picture. Factoring in your past, present, and future tax and financial situation, we build and refine the best tax planning strategy to help you reach your goals and save in the future.

If you’re ready to make April 15th just another day this year, contact us to create a customized tax plan that fits your needs!

Who We Serve

Exceptional Clients

At Lifetime Tax, we are grateful for the exceptional clients we serve.

From our business and real estate clients to individuals and families, we believe all of our clients are exceptional. That’s why we strive to deliver exceptional service and results for exceptional people.

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From Our CEO & Founder

We do more than your tax returns; we commit ourselves to year-round tax planning and long-term relationships to serve your long-term goals

Jason Potts

CEO & Founder

Our Approach

At Lifetime Tax, our advisors build the best strategies by examining your needs and goals from all angles, past, present, and future. With a view of the full picture, we create tax planning strategies that can evolve with you as your needs change. 


Our tax advisors know from experience how much vital information can be found by examining the past.


In addition to examining and documenting your past tax history, we carefully evaluate your present financial situation. 


As our tax advisors continue to gather and assess your past and present tax situation, we build strategies with an eye on the future.