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Our family office clients are an extension of our own Lifetime family. With an approach as unique and nuanced as the families we serve, we don’t just advise on the creation of multi-generational wealth. We define legacies by helping you preserve wealth across those generations.

Tax Strategy & Preparation

Our CPAs, tax advisors, and business consultants develop a personalized tax planning strategy that can be implemented in conjunction with our wealth management services. Through a collaborative effort, we pool all knowledge and experience from our experts to maximize the IRS code in your favor.

Estate & Trust Planning

Lifetime’s Tax Advisors offer estate and trust planning that help our clients maximize their estate and preserve their wealth for future generations. From fiduciary income tax and estate tax to gift tax returns, our advisors maintain current knowledge of estate tax laws and how any changes along the way will impact your plans.

Succession Wealth Planning

We fully appreciate how instrumental succession and wealth planning is when it comes to protecting our clients’ legacy. With a vested interest in this goal, we work with our clients to form the best possible business exit strategy for a smooth succession. As a sister company to Lifetime Wealth Management, P.C., Lifetime Tax Advisors, Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide in-depth, reliable tax advisement for anything from asset management to retirement planning.

Asset Protection Strategies

One of the central goals in building a successful estate plan is protecting your assets. Armed with an extensive knowledge of current tax laws, our advisors excel at finding the best strategies to protect your assets and your legacy from unwanted audits and unnecessary tax rates!

Philanthropic Planning

As stewards of your long-term financial growth, we are uniquely positioned to advise you on philanthropic goals that will best serve and protect that growth. Our experts identify charitable giving opportunities that will enrich your family’s legacy through a targeted, strategic, values-based philanthropy plan, allowing you to make an impact on what you and your family are passionate about.


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