Kari Li 

Kari Li

Kari Li

Tax Preparer

Education :

ME – The University of Texas

About Kari Li

Kari is involved in the preparation of personal tax returns.  She also assists the team with administrative duties.  If you’ve ever talked to Kari, then you know her energy is contagious and she is always a positive light.

Like many of our team members, Kari is also an active real estate investor. She is a world traveler and is fluent in four languages. When she is not busy preparing tax returns, she is available for hire as a Spanish and Chinese travel companion translator.

Our Approach

At Lifetime Tax, our advisors build the best strategies by examining your needs and goals from all angles, past, present, and future. With a view of the full picture, we create tax planning strategies that can evolve with you as your needs change. 


Our tax advisors know from experience how much vital information can be found by examining the past. 


In addition to examining and documenting your past tax history, we carefully evaluate your present financial situation. 


As our tax advisors continue to gather and assess your past and present tax situation, we build strategies with an eye on the future.