Mandy Schunemann

Mandy Schunemann

Mandy Schunemann


About Mandy Schunemann

Mandy Schunemann is a Texas Woman’s University graduate, who brings 18+ years of accounting experience to our Lifetime Tax Advisors team. With experience across many different fields, Mandy offers a wide range of skills and knowledge, both as an accountant and as a notary for the state of Texas. Mandy has also brought her great sense of humor, optimism, and brilliant sense of teamwork to both our team and our clients at Lifetime!

In addition to her passion for numbers, Mandy fulfills her artistic interests as the owner of her own photography business. When Mandy is not busy working with her Lifetime family, she enjoys spending time with her husband of 14 years and her 2 boys in Josephine, TX.

Our Approach

At Lifetime Tax, our advisors build the best strategies by examining your needs and goals from all angles, past, present, and future. With a view of the full picture, we create tax planning strategies that can evolve with you as your needs change. 


Our tax advisors know from experience how much vital information can be found by examining the past.


In addition to examining and documenting your past tax history, we carefully evaluate your present financial situation. 


As our tax advisors continue to gather and assess your past and present tax situation, we build strategies with an eye on the future.